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Home Improvement

4 Home Renovations with Maximum ROI

Renovating your home is one of the best ways to upgrade resale value. From new kitchens to upgraded baths, there's an endless list of ideas from Pinterest or HGTV on how to improve your home. But is it really worth the investment? Here are the four best home improvements to make if you want to boost the value of your home. 


Upgrade Your Landscaping

Average ROI: 105%

Cost to Complete: $4,750

Return on Investment: $5,000

Curb appeal is one of the biggest factors when it comes to attracting and closing on a seller. Make the best first impression with lush grass, fresh paint and a few colorful plants. Adding pops of color and contrasting textures can make a yard seem expertly designed. 


Install a New Roof

Average ROI: 105%

Cost to Complete: $7,600

Return on Investment: $8,000

Having a roof over your head is the whole point of a house, so don't let the roof go without some attention! A leaking or damaged roof can drastically affect your time in your home, so this project is a must. Even your heating bill can be ballooned by a bad roof. Save yourself serious money and add to your home value with a roof update.


Put Down Hardwood Floors

Average ROI: 100%

Cost to Refinish: $2,500

Return on Investment: $2,500

Cost for New: $5,500

Return on Investment: $$5,000

There are few things you can do in a home that have the same impact of gorgeous, polished hardwood floors. With so many styles and options, homeowners can create almost any custom look they want from original hardwood with a stain to faux wood floors with tiles. They stand the test of time and make for a visual dream for your home.


Expand Your Patio

Average ROI: 105%

Cost to Complete: $7,600

Return on Investment: $8,000

A key selling point of homes is the backyard and if you don't happen to be a pet or child, what's the best part? A patio, of course. Make the backyard usable for everyone by adding a fire pit, lounge furniture, an eating space and some lighting. With the wow factor of a beautiful patio, your ROI is basically guaranteed.