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7 Tips for Getting Back into the Swing of School

Summer's over and going back to school can be stressful for students and those that support them. To help ease the transition from long hours of lounging, to paying attention most of the day, make sure to give them pep-talks and support before and after the session starts.

1. Make a schedule

Make a schedule for your student to create structure and offer positive reinforcement that they will do well. Get them in the routine and mindset early.

2. Adjust your bedtime

If your student is staying up later than they would while in school, have them get up early for a few days to allow them to adjust to an earlier bedtime.

3. Share your support

Remind your student that you are there to help them with their coursework. Students get more homework now than ever and need the extra encouragement and support.

4. Plan refresher activities

Find scholastic activities for them as a refresher in the weeks leading up to the new semester.

5. Use online resources

If you are stumped on your student's question, do whatever is necessary to give them a correct answer. If they're having trouble and turn to you for help, look at online resources and YouTube videos until you can explain how to solve their question or move forward with their assignment.

6. Contact teachers

Keep teachers' contact information and don't hesitate to ask for support materials. Teachers are the number one source to give direction and aide when students are struggling.

7. Be a role model

Students are sometimes nervous to ask teachers for help, but when your student sees how easy it is for you to interact with the instructor, great things will happen! When you actively support your student, they will feel confident and inspired. 

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