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Buying a Home? Tips From BBB to Avoid Moving Problems

Buying a home is already stressful, so the less problems you experience during the actual move the better. Unfortunately, many consumers run into problems when hiring a moving company. Whether these companies don't provide accurate quotes or damage personal belongings, the Better Business Bureau receives more than 8,000 moving-related complaints annually. 

How can you protect yourself? The BBB offer simple tips to help alleviate moving problems.

1. Contact a moving company early

Contact a moving company to request a quote as soon as you know your moving date. Depending on the time of year, finding an available mover can be difficult. This is often the case when moving in the summer. Some moving companies are booked up weeks in advance during the summer months. So the longer you wait to secure your spot, the less options you’ll have. Booking early gives the moving company an opportunity to visit your home, conduct a thorough walk-through and provide the most accurate quote.

2. Ask for their license and insurance

Any person with a truck can call themselves a professional moving company. A professional company, however, will have documentation to back up this claim. Ask for a copy of the company’s insurance and license. A reputable, trustworthy company will have no problem handing over this information. If the moving company can't provide this information, find one that will.

3. Get full protection insurance

Even if a moving company has an exceptional reputation, accidents can happen. Personal belongings can become lost or damaged during the move, so make sure you acquire enough insurance coverage. If you agree to the least amount of coverage, the moving company may only be liable for up to $0.60 per pound, per article. On the other hand, if you purchase full protection insurance, the moving company must cover the cost to fix or replace any loss or damaged items. Insurance is an added expense, but it provides peace of mind.

4. Know your rights

You have rights as a consumer. Moving companies are required to provide a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities” when you move. If you do not receive a copy, ask for one. Additionally, conduct your own research. Visit Protect Your Move to better understand your rights as a consumer. You’ll also find useful information for selecting the right mover.

Bottom Line

Hiring a bad moving company can cause an unpleasant relocation experience. The above tips can help you avoid problems. Be sure to contact your local better business bureau and search for moving companies with a high rating and reputation.