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Home Projects Your Kids Can Help with Over Spring Break

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Involving your kids in easy, simple home projects can help them learn about taking care of a house and give them a sense of accomplishment. If your kids have some time over spring break, here are some quick ways that they can work with you to improve your house!


Start Prepping the Garden

Let your child help you pick out some beautiful spring flowers to plant or ask them which herbs they’d like to help you cook with! What kid doesn’t love to get their hands dirty? They can help you prepare the soil or planter boxes by loosening up new soil to prepare for seeds. Some plants can start growing indoors, so give your child the task of watering and caring for the plant before it gets transferred outside.


Paint a Room

Once you’ve done the taping and tarping, your child can help you brighten up a room in need of color. They’ll need your supervision, but you can show them how to use a roller or a paintbrush and then let them at it.


Test Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Teach your kids the importance of fire safety by showing them how to test your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s a great opportunity to explain what that loud beeping sound is and come up with a home escape plan in the event of an emergency.


Enhance Your Yard with Solar Lights

Find solar lights your kids can help place along your walkway or throughout your garden. This adds a beautiful touch to your front or back yard without the hassle of electricity or finding an outdoor outlet.


Gather Old Toys, Clothes, and Books to Donate

Enlist your child’s help to select items that can be donated. It’s a great opportunity to help kids understand the benefits of being charitable while also de-cluttering your house.


When working with your kids on home improvement projects, remember that safety is always most important. Shake up your child’s spring break routine with some fun, easy things they can do to make their home a little bit better.


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