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8 Housewarming Gifts for New Home Owners

Home buying season is starting to ramp up - and that means we all have new housewarming parties to attend. While the tried-and-true waffle maker or vacuum might be a safe gift for new homeowners, technology has given much better treats and gadgets to use in our homes. Here are the best inspiration and ideas for modern, useful and beautiful gifts for new homeowners. 

sassy doormat for your home

A Sassy Doormat

Add something playful to their entrance with one of these silly, sassy or outright brazen doormats. While you can find them almost anywhere nowadays, customizable quotes and sayings are easiest to find on Etsy. We can't wait to let the doormat do all that greeting for us. 


fancy french press

A Fancy French Press

After the stress of moving into a new home, there's nothing that can stop you if you have the right cup of coffee. And coffee from a dollar-store machine is sooooo apartment living. Invest in your friends' new adult lifestyle (and mental stability) by getting them a beautiful French press coffee maker. The rich coffee smells will make waking up in a home full of moving boxes a little more enjoyable. 


house warming gift for new home owners

A Food Gift Card

If you've ever moved homes, you know those first few nights in the house are stressful. Nobody wants to cook a full meal while climbing over boxes. Give your new homeowners some peace of mind by gifting them with a night out - and a night with no dishes to clean. Whether it's credit on Door Dash or a voucher for all the Cheesecake Factory they can handle, give them one less stress with a gift card. 


roomba for a gift

A Roomba

Owning a new home means you're extra proud of the new space you have. And of course, you want to keep is spotless. Gift them a Roomba robot vacuum to help them fight dust bunnies and spills alike. They can even set their music on Roomba, a la Parks and Rec, and make a party of their own as they clean up the new place.


lush bath bombs

A Lush Night In

Give your new homeowner buddies a night to relax with a gift set from Lush. The all-natural, vegan products can satisfy anyone and you can't argue with a good bath bomb. Create a hand-picked basket of treats in a store, or order a ready-made box full of goodies even the manliest of men couldn't resist. 


smart digital lock for the home

A Smart Lock

Protect your new home with a Bluetooth-enabled digital lock and always know the home is secure. With an easy app and shareable access, you can let your dogsitter in but keep the Amazon delivery guy out without batting an eye. While there's plenty on the market, we've heard this one is the best option on the market. 


shower speaker

A Shower Speaker

While some might call it frivolous, others will tell you a full concert in the shower is never a bad idea. Make all their shower singing dreams come to life with a waterproof shower speaker that connects to your phone to let you jam out to your favorite tunes while you bathe. What's a better way to break in a new shower?


security camera for your home

A Security Camera

Nanny cams are a thing of the past - home security cameras are an entirely new breed of technology. Give your new homeowners a feeling of security with a sleek, modern security system they can watch from anywhere.