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How to Know If a Neighborhood Is Safe for Your Family

When moving to a new place, there’s always the risk of buying a home on the wrong block or in the wrong subdivision. Finding a neighborhood that’s safe and suitable for your family is a priority. But just because an area looks safe doesn’t mean that it is.  

Your real estate agent can guide you and offer their recommendations on the right location. Even so, their knowledge might be limited, and they can only divulge what they know. Therefore, it’s important that you do your due diligence to ensure you don’t regret a purchase. 

Here are a few tips for finding a safe place for you and your family.

National Sex Offender Public Website

Check the National Sex Offender Public website. This is a useful tool for everyone, but particularly for females and families with children. 

The registry can let you know which offenders live in the area that you’re thinking about moving to. You’ll get home addresses, a picture of the individuals, and details about their crime. From here, you can decide whether to buy on a certain street or neighborhood. You’ll also find other useful information on the site, such as ways to protect yourself and your family.


Before submitting an offer on a property, visit to conduct a search of crimes that have been committed in the area. 

Chances are that you won't find a community that’s completely crime-free, but this tool is excellent if you’re looking for neighborhoods with the least amount of crime, or at the very least, neighborhoods with less severe incidents. 

Local law enforcement updates the report, and the site even allows members of the community to submit a crime tip to the police. Those living in the neighbor can also register their security cameras. The more security cameras in an area, the better. The presence of these cameras might help deter crime.


This is a free social media network specifically for neighborhoods. Nextdoor is an excellent tool because it allows people living in the same neighborhoods to network with each other. They can use the website or app to sell items, make recommendations, discuss local events, and even provide information about crime in the area. 

For example, if a neighbor had their car broken into, they can post this information on the site or app and alert others. The downside is that you must already live in a community before you can join the neighborhood’s page. 

If you know someone who lives in the neighborhood, they can register themselves and then share what they learn about the community with you. This insight can help you decide whether an area is the right fit for you.

Speak With the Neighbors

Thoroughly check out a neighborhood before buying a home. Visit on the weekends or in the evenings. What’s the atmosphere like once everyone’s home from work and school? Does it appear to be family friendly? 

If you see someone working in their yard or walking their dog, introduce yourself and let them know that you’re thinking about buying on the street. Ask for their honest opinion. Many neighbors will be happy to give you feedback on the area. They might disclose recent incidents, ongoing problems, or they might say that it’s the best place to live for couples, families, etc. 

Buying a home is a big decision, so it’s important that you choose a home that’s perfectly suited for you and your family. 

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