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Keeping Your Furniture Safe When Moving

Relocating presents a lot of challenges, and during a move, there’s nothing more challenging than moving your furniture. Bulky and heavy furniture is dangerous and difficult to lift in most cases. It is not uncommon for furniture to end up being damaged, or for anyone with the unenviable task of hauling them off to suffer an injury.

If you’re from Colorado and you’re moving to another apartment in Colorado, moving furniture would probably be too much of a hassle for you. You would be better off leaving the furniture where it is, and just buy new ones for your new digs.

However, if you can’t let go of your favorite couch, then you should do what you can to keep your furniture safe during the move. Here are some tips to do just that.

Buy the right packing supplies

Protecting your furniture from damage during moving entails the use of materials that can actually protect them. That means bubble wrap, shrink wrap, heavy duty blankets, mattress covers, sealable plastic bags, and of course, lots of packing tape.

Clean your furniture

Aside from not wanting to carry dirt from your old home to your new one, cleaning up your furniture before packing them for moving is also a way to protect them. You see, accumulated debris and coarse particles can inflict some degree of damage to your furniture, especially on hard surfaces. So vacuuming your furniture or running a damp cloth across their surfaces would do your furniture a favor during the move.

Disassemble where possible

Smaller pieces are easier to protect and move, so any furniture that can be disassembled should be taken apart. Of course, you have to be able to put them back together again, or you’ll have one hell of a headache trying to figure out which piece goes where when the moving’s done.

If you still have the manual for your furniture, break it out and study it. Have clearly-labeled, sealable bags at the ready for any hardware and smaller pieces. If you think you’re going to have a hard time assembling the whole thing again, take a few snapshots of the furniture so you’ll have a visual guide.

Put your packing supplies to good use

For wooden furniture, bubble wrap will go a long way in protecting it from scratches and dents, although moving blankets will serve this purpose well too. Shrink wrap, on the other hand, will be great for upholstered furniture. Special mattress covers, of course, should be good enough for your mattresses.

Pack them in properly

It’s always good to have a plan for the best way to fit your stuff in the moving truck. Typically, the biggest pieces should be loaded up first, and all empty spots should be filled to make sure there will be minimal shifting around on the way to your new place. To protect them from banging into each other while in transit, you should place cardboard or blankets between each piece.

Hire a moving company

While trying to do the move all by yourself is commendable, it would always be better to hire a legitimate moving company. Professional movers, after all, know every trick in the book when it comes to protecting your furniture when relocating. Most movers are also insured, so they will provide some level of compensation for any damage your furniture sustains during the move. In some ways, you can say that getting the services of a professional moving company is the best way to keep your furniture safe when moving.