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Luxury Interior Design that Doesn’t Break the Bank

The first thing that often comes to mind whenever you hear someone talk about luxury interior design is how expensive it must be, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Let’s just say that for the most part, luxury interior designers make a very good living, especially since most people who commission high end interior design for their homes or offices are people who can afford it.

Then again, interior design that looks a little more luxurious than usual doesn’t have to be the exclusive domain of the super affluent. Yes, there is such a thing as luxury interior design on a budget. A good luxury interior designer has a few budget-friendly tricks up his or her sleeve that can create spaces that look luxurious, all without breaking the bank. Here are some of those tricks.

The right use of paint

The color of the paint you use and how you use it can give any room the air of affluence that you want for it. Painting interior doors black, for example, can make the whole place look more expensive, particularly when you use other black accessories for the decor. You can also go for paint in a neutral hue for your walls so you can change accent colors anytime you want and lend the space a more sophisticated look. Paint can give you the luxury interior design that you want, and you won’t have to spend much for it.

Organize, organize

One of the hallmarks of a luxuriously designed space is that they always seem so well-organized. Regardless of the size of the area, luxurious-looking spaces typically have perfectly outfitted tables, shelves, bookcases, and cabinets. No luxurious space ever looks cluttered, and the tables and shelves mentioned above help a lot. So put up these features in your interior design and organize your stuff, and things would look like you spent a lot of money on them.

Alternative flooring

If you had the money for it, then you would want a hardwood or tile floor. A less expensive alternative, however, would be vinyls and laminates. They used to look cheap, but look at the ones being sold today and you’ll see that they have become quite expensive-looking, particularly the ones that look like actual tile. Aside from being cost-effective, vinyl or laminate flooring is also durable.


Products and fixtures made from hardwood always have “luxury” written all over them. They’re expensive and, more often than not, not that easy to come by, which is probably why they cost a lot in the first place. However, modern technology has given us the plywood. While it may not be as glamorous as hardwood, plywood can be a much cheaper but just as impressive alternative. They’re perfect for shelves, cabinets, and tables, and they’re durable too.

Crown molding

Do you think a certain space in your home looks average? If you do, then you might want to give the area look richer by installing crown molding. It doesn’t cost much, but crown molding, especially one with a wide trim, helps get rid of its cheap and average look and makes the entire space look like you spent some money on it.   Luxury interior design can cost you, but you don’t really have to spend a lot of money just to make your home look more expensive. With ever-improving technology, the market is now flooded with so many products and materials that are so good at mimicking the real thing. Get your hands on these materials, ask your interior designer to work his or her magic on them, and you will have a home that is as luxurious as they come.