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Ready to Relocate? Tips to Find a Mover

Millions of people move or relocate every year. While some people are excited to move into a new house, they're not always excited about packing and loading a moving truck. This is why many people hire a moving company. 

Using a professional moving company is faster and convenient, but if you're not careful a rogue mover can take advantage of you. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers to be selective when choosing a mover.

Each year the BBB receives more than 8,000 complaints against movers. The complaints vary, but typically include damaged personal belongings or missing belongings. Some people also complain about a final bill that’s considerably higher than their estimate.

Moving can be an exciting time, so don't let a con artist cast a cloud over your day. To avoid an untrustworthy mover, the BBB offers practical tips to protect yourself.

1. Do not use a mover that gives a quote over the phone.

A reputable moving company will not give a phone estimate. Movers can only provide accurate quotes after completing a thorough walkthrough of your home. This way, they have a clear idea of belongings that need to be packed and moved. If a mover gives an estimate over the phone, your final bill will likely be higher than expected.

2. Do not use a mover that requires full repayment before the move. 

It's not unusual for a mover to require a deposit, maybe $100 or $200. A reputable mover, however, will not ask for full payment upfront. If you make a full payment, there's the risk of the mover not showing up and running off with your money.

3. Check the Better Business Bureau

Before hiring a mover, check your local BBB to see if there are unresolved complaints against the company. Also, search moving company reviews before hiring a mover. Be leery of companies that have undergone a recent name change. This could be their clever attempt at rebranding the company after building a bad reputation for themselves.

4. Get References

If relatives, friends or coworkers have recently moved and used a moving company, ask for a reference. If these individuals had a positive experience with their chosen moving company, you may have a similar experience.

Bottom Line

Some moving companies are professional and reputable, but others aren't. Do your due diligence before hiring a moving company to ensure you don't run into problems when relocating to a new home.