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Spring is the Season for Investments

Building Your Net Worth, Calculating Equity, and Getting Ready for the Spring Home-Buying Season

You’ve heard it all before: real estate is the best investment! It’s almost cliché now, but it’s true. Real estate has proven over and over that it’s a resilient market that will recover from even the biggest recession. With time, real property always bounces back. How can you leverage this to your advantage, while also reducing your living expenses and cutting your tax obligations? You probably guessed: purchase a home or invest more in your current home.

Calculating Equity

How do you know how much value you have in your home over and above what you owe? Calculating your equity is as simple as subtracting your current loan balance from the market value of your home. It’s important to know how much equity you have if you’re thinking about a cash-out refinance or considering using the equity in your home as a down payment for your next home purchase.

Your home equity, combined with our flexible mortgage programs, can help you achieve your refinance or home purchase goals this coming Spring.