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Trello: an Easier Way to Get Organized

One of the biggest challenges during the fall and holiday season is keeping everything organized!

From tasks getting the house ready for parties, keeping grocery lists, tracking kid's activities, managing gift lists, and organizing information related to what you're doing, Trello helps you simply and stylishly organize your life. The app is free to use and is available on most mobile devices and your desktop browser.

What's special about Trello is that it allows you to create graphical lists and cards that you can customize and drag around the screen. It can integrate with most other web services and makes it easy to link with your mail, calendar, or other social/business apps. 

The app also includes a calendar and many plugins to create all kinds of unique functionality for many interests.

Awesome things about Trello:

  • Assign tasks to others using Trello (even kids).
  • Keep track of personal and business tasks.
  • You can make lists of homework assignments and due dates.
  • You're able to link several friends, family, and business teams together.
  • If you have a shopping list, you can add a user and have someone else do the shopping for you.
  • Customize your to-do lists with your own colorful background.
  • It's Free! (and the Siberian husky mascot is too cute.)

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